Last Day #WorldWaterColorMonth July 31st, 2020 Prompt: Do-Over

There was probably a lot I could have done with this, but I went with literal and decided to “do-over” my prompt “green.” I can’t say I am any happier with this green than my other, but hey! I’m new at this.

Green Cucumber

I don’t know what I was thinking about with the dirt, texture I guess, but that is nothing like dirt at all. But you know what they say…if at first you don’t succeed try try again. So I will keep on trying. I kind of have to now after spending my savings on opening Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop. And yes you are going to keep hearing me plug it, sorry but I need to get the savings back at least! 🙂

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 30th, 2020 Prompt: Pose(y)

I really couldn’t come up with anything on this one. I could have tried to do a person posing for something…Oh man, I just thought of something! A camera! Well that isn’t what you are getting. Anyway, I just gave up and added a Y for a new prompt all my own. And I did it without drawing it up first, which I think turned out better than if I had tried to draw it.

My pose(y)

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#WorldWatercolorMonth July 29th, 2020 Prompt: Yesterday

Hello everyone! Again a busy day. But I finally got to this, and it was a doozy. I wanted to do something like someone thinking back on the past or something like that but I didn’t like the idea of having to do a person, much less 2, one for today and one for “yesterday.” And my yesterday was at a desk behind a computer most of the day. Again, I didn’t want to do a person. I can only barely draw one and I have never painted one. So off to the internet for pictures. I finally found one of a woman behind a desk and computer and it was a computer graphic, not an actual person. I felt like I could handle that better. Not that it mattered, but as it turned out she didn’t have a face. So here you go:

Let’s get down to business boys…

I smudged a little around the hair, had way too much water. Still I might use this on a woman’s tee or a mug. I like the saying I put in, kind of 80’s, but hey, why not. Oh, no! I just looked up and my desk bled on the sides. I suppose that knocks that out. Maybe I’ll do another one.

Okay, now for all you folks that look at this I’m going to ask, please go and look at my lion I painted. I don’t know why but I haven’t gotten any likes for him and I thought he was pretty good. Now don’t like him if you don’t, but take a closer look…please.

And also for the bloggers out there, are you having any trouble with the publishing part of a post. It has changed in a few ways, but most importantly I can’t have a featured photo.

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 28th, 2020 Prompt: Complementary

Well it has been quite a day and that means I am late. I really need to get back to doing the prompts the day before and scheduling. Because I was late in posting I have only had 2 visitors and 2 views! Awful! There is just so much to do and not enough time in the day and not enough energy in the body. I know eventually I am going to pay for all the running I have been doing!

Okay, so today’s prompt. To be honest it is what I would love to have right now.

Nothing special, just a little something to eat at my cafe on my patio.

By the way, is it just me or has the publishing menu changed. I can’t even feature an image. Hating it!

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 27th, 2020 Prompt: Shine

With all the new endeavors going on I am a little late on my post. I really like posting in the mornings, but not so much today! After an MRI for some balance and memory problems, things that will probably sort themselves out if I can ever find a way to use the CPAP, I was just pooped. So I slept almost until it was time to got to my acupuncture appointment in the afternoon. So here it is almost 4pm and I am just getting going.

Today’s prompt was shine and I never would have thought of anything to paint if it weren’t for my best friend Cece. She helps me with the toughies and I love it because her mind never goes to the obvious! After several suggestions I decided to go with an eye. They can shine for plenty of reasons. When they cry, laugh, are filled with joy and happiness. So hopefully I managed to paint it well enough to show that shine. Here it is:

I think this eye is crying. Too bad, I would have liked joy instead!

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 26th, 2020 Prompt: Favorite Song

So my favorite song, I have quite a few but one does stand out above the rest. It is called “Be Courageous and Strong.” It is one of the original songs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, of which I am. It is about a woman with two children living under less than great conditions, but getting by. She has what she needs, and when something happens that she doesn’t the friends help. The song is actually about another song, one of our meeting songs called “He Will Make You Strong.” In the original song it is her favorite song and to be honest it is also one of mine. So when I thought of this song, the original one and the meeting song I immediately thought of a lion, hands down. So I decided to give it a try.

Be Courageous and Strong

Now it is a little funny when it comes to me and animals. I am always afraid to do them, always sure they won’t turn out. And then when I do try, I am always surprised at how well they turn out. That is how I feel about this guy. I mean he is in line for the “Pretzel Award!” Maybe not quite that good, but good enough I am going to look into a way to sell T-shirts or something of him. I mean, he is courageous and strong!

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 25th, 2020 Prompt: Sharp

Sorry so late in the day with this, I try to have something ready to post first thing in the morning. But I got interrupted last night. I work on my patio to get some fresh air and much to my discontent just as I had almost finished today’s painting it started to rain. So that put halt to my work. Oddly enough my subject is somewhere where it doesn’t rain much, so maybe the sky thought it needed some water!

Don’t let the flowers fool you, mess around with this baby and you’ll be in a sticky situation!

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 24th, 2020 Prompt: Abundance

I found a photo of an azalea bush, but unlike the pinks, reds, purples and whites I see in my neck of the woods it was yellow! I love yellow! It’s a very happy color. And this bush was covered in blooms, I mean just covered. So I have an abundance of both yellow and flowers.

For tomorrow I am going to try to do something without drawing it out first, I have never had much success with that, but it’s been a very long time since I tried, maybe it will turn out alright. Looking forward to giving it a go.

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 21-23, 2020

I hate when I get behind on stuff, it is so hard to catch up and even to stay caught up. But I think I have it!

So the 21st was organic for the prompt. Talk about struggling with that. I didn’t want to do food, I’ve already done food for a couple and I know I have one more in my future. So I went with the idea of untouched by humans.

My Swamp. I wouldn’t want to hang out here, crocodiles and mosquitoes, but I like looking at it.

The 22nd was valuable and what could be more valuable than a good friend? Okay, a relationship with Jehovah much better, but it comes in the top 5 for sure.

I wasn’t very pleased with my bears, but it works for the prompt. I almost think I should have tried human forms without faces to do it, I can draw a form sometimes, so filling it in wouldn’t have been hard. Oh well, another time.

The 23rd was alone. I had come across a photo I wanted to draw so I used it to paint instead.

Not too bad. Would have liked a better sky, but otherwise isn’t horrible.

So that catches me up to today, hopefully I can stay up to date from here.

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 18, 2020 Prompt: Soft

I am a little behind as my computer monitor went on the fritz, so I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be painting. That took 2 days to handle, including hours just to get it to work! So much for plug and play.

So for soft I am torn as to how I feel. I kind of liked it when I “finished” it, but felt like it needed some detail. Then by the time I really finished it my detail was too much. He looks like just what he is, a bunny that got attacked by somebody with a pen. Oh well.

I should have left poor bunny alone.

July 19, 2020 Prompt: Favorite Smell

Citrus and Night Blooming Jasmine

I really think this one came out well. So far nothing has been as good as my pretzel, but I’ll get there!

July 20, 2020 Prompt: Wiggle

Okay all I could think of was worms, and I just don’t do worms, period. So I went out and did my own thing, and I kind of like it.

Well, the blue bled…poo.