World Watercolor Month, July 2nd. Prompt: Texture


So my texture is the tree and the tread on the tire. Not anything to jump up and down about, but I gave it my best shot!

The first one I did was a stone wall with flowers and another stump. I seem to have a thing for stumps. Probably because in every other medium I have been lousy at trees, especially the bark. So I am a little excited I can do it in watercolor.

Doodlewash June 29th, 2020 Prompt: Owl

Well today has been a massively busy day and to top it off I was up at 2:45 a.m.! I did however finally get a decent owl to show. So here she is:


I love how it turned out except two things. One the pupils of the eyes bled really took away any chance of intensity. Second was the paper. I used masking tape and when I took it off it peeled the top layer of paper off. Made me mad because this was something that was supposed to be “good” paper. My cheap stuff doesn’t do that! Of course one nice thing is it is a post card so if I wanted I could mail it to someone. Undecided on that.

A Combination: Spain and My Art

I don’t know why I didn’t think of my travels as a topic before. I have lived and traveled on 3 different continents. Today’s post is on 2 things though. I am going to continue on my topic of Rota, but also I am going to add a little bit about an art technique I have discovered. Seems like an odd combo, but when I get to the art you will understand.

So to continue. As Rota is a military town, both American and Spanish, Rota is not really a tourist hot spot, though east and north there are some popular destinations. But Rota’s main claim to fame is drinking. What do military personnel do better than that! Some of my favorite haunts were Don Quixote, Paul’s, Hard Rock Cafe (not affiliated with the Hard Rock’s most of us know or have at least heard of, though they do have the same sign), Guns & Roses and one more that is making me crazy because I can’t remember their name.

My favorite was Don Quixote. It was a small bar with a back room that was the actual bar and a screened in front that was more for the Americans. In the back they watched bull fighting and soccer and yelled at the TV. In the front we listened to rock and played pool and amused ourselves with a moody American beer and wine tender. For drinks you went to the back. You always steered clear of Michael (Mike to men) if it was a Jack Daniels night. That meant the “love of his life,” Shannon was messing with his head. Shannon always made me mad, she so took advantage of Michael, and I mean he was a nice guy when he stayed away from Mr. Daniels. It was a nice quiet place in the daytime, which I also liked. Just a “Cheers” kind of place. We all knew each other.

Sundays were a nice day for drinking too. The gang I hung out with had a routine every Sunday. First you went to Brandon and Vanessa’s place for Daiquiris and then headed off to the Hard Rock for live music from a group of guys that we knew. I remember when my fiance was leaving for Pensacola and they did a nice rewrite of Secret Agent Man. They rewrote it as Secret A Branch Man as that was his specialty with in the cryptographers, administration. It was a real kick in the pants for him.

Michael worked at the Hard Rock too. Generally he was in a good mood there, no Shannon to abuse him. There he was the DJ and that was where I usually where I hung out. I have always been shy of crowds, so while my fiance bounced around I hung out with the DJ. Michael and I had some good conversations, I just don’t remember most of them, all the drinking after all.

Another benefit of Rota being a drinking town was you could carry a tab anywhere. Each month I’d carry around a wad of cash to pay everyone off.

Now the change in topics. Once I lived out in town I was living first in a nice little 3 bedroom. But after awhile we moved to a larger 3 bedroom. It was really spacious. There was even room for a dining room and a screened in patio. Patios were rare in Spain. The reason for this was that everyone used their roofs as gathering places. Where I was in the second apartment it was a 6 level building so patios worked better.

Anyway, last night at bedtime I got really motivated to try the watercolor sketching and sketch the building we lived in as best as I could remember it. Since this post was about Rota I thought it would fit in nicely here.

Apartment Building in Rota, Spain

Now obviously the building doesn’t really look like that. If it did it would be condemned. But it is supposed to be kind of loose and fast so for a third watercolor attempt and first watercolor sketch I figure it isn’t bad.

Everyone have a great day, and I will chat with you later!