Nahum: Pens!

I am a good boy. I am a good boy. I am a … Oh goodness give me that pen!!!

A Stick With A Juicy Center!

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Ever since I was a little boy I have loved pens. They are so wonderful. I don’t know why, but they are. And when I get one, I forget “drop it” and “leave it” and even “do you want a treat?” It doesn’t matter how much mommy begs I just can’t let it go.

Now I will respond to human food, but even that is difficult. I mean it better be the good stuff! Mommy has tried patience, sweet talk, mad, and even top blowing up with steam out of her ears. She gets kind of red for that last one.

She says I can’t have it cause when it breaks the bits are pointy. But she also seemed a little perturbed the time I got the juicy stuff out. I thought it was cool though that she spent so much time on her hands and knees with me. Except she seemed way more focused on the little purpley black spots on the carpet than she did with me. Well, still, I had my stick!

Nahum: The Importance of a Leash

My Thoughts

I don’t like being attached to the thing mommy calls a leash. I want to run and play. Mommy says I wouldn’t come back. I would though, sometime! And I have to admit I would have liked if we had had a better leash when I got attacked. So I see that it has some merit, but still I want to run free!

What Mommy Says

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Mommy says a lot about leashes, a LOT! She says it is the law. I don’t know what that means but she says it matters. She says that it is safer, it keeps me from running into traffic or up to a strange dog or a cat. She says she learned her lesson about that extendable leash, she couldn’t get to me because of it when I was attacked. She says it keeps me from hurting or scaring someone. I don’t know why anyone would be scared of me, but I guess it is true about the little boy across the street. I don’t want to scare him I just want to say hello, very loudly.

Mommy also says that it doesn’t matter how nice a dog is, or how obedient there is always a trigger that could make them attack someone. She says, “Even you have teeth.” And I do too!

Wrap It Up Tight

Okay, not for real, mommy never pulls too tight. But I guess when I think of the attack and how if he had been on a leash, and the other two dogs too, it never would have happened. And I could use my teeth if I thought I was going to get hurt. I guess that means it is a good idea. Still, I want to run and play. I guess I have to keep that up inside. And since I am only 10 pounds it is easy to do there. I hope everyone has a good day, and keeps their babies on leashes!

As a Doggy Mom, I Have Been a Failure.

It Wasn’t On Purpose

When I had my last dog everything was very different. He was laid back and didn’t require a lot of attention. He was happy just laying around doing nothing all by himself. So he got his walks, his food, water, and some playtime when I was up for it.

When I got this dog I thought I had done my research. He was supposed to be medium energy and eager to please. I was a little iffy on the medium energy but I thought I could handle it in the end. Nahum did not come as packaged. He was higher energy and while he would lay around I am thinking now that he needed, and does need, a lot more attention.

Some things I did right, or I thought it was right, he was immediately enrolled in puppy school and then intermediate school and I thought we were doing well. He didn’t agree. He has been a rascal ever since. And other than sit, down, and sometimes stay, we have both forgotten everything.

Slow Learner

When I talk about slow learners I am definitely talking about me, not him. I never really thought about the attention factor as being a problem. But why not? Kids who don’t get enough attention act out, why wouldn’t dogs do the same. Just depends on the personality I imagine.

As Nahum related to you yesterday he did the unthinkably good thing. When he handed me that little dish I thought I would skyrocket through the ceiling trailing treats behind me. But there are other things that have happened as well. He’s more eager to see me, he let’s me pet him more (he was actually kind of skittish), and today without even trapping him I was allowed to pick him up! It has taken 2 years for me to figure this out. Like I said, “slow learner.”

Adjustments Made

Obviously now we have had to make some changes. I make a point of loving on him a LOT more now. And bed time is a special treat with squealing, growling, tug of warring, pouncing, fetching and then cuddling. Also when this corona mess is done I am taking him back to intermediate school since I can’t remember anything now. She said in 8 private sessions I can do the whole class and work on troublesome areas as well. Definitely “leave it” and “drop it.” I can see where it is not a hopeless case, he might even turn into an “eager to please” dog, maybe. But definitely I see how we will be much better off if I continue to bond more. Poor kid ended up with a dud of a mom. But we have a lot of years ahead of us so I’ll get better…he deserves it.