How I Made My Mom Happy!

Nahum’s Notes

Hey! It’s Nahum again. You’ve heard from my mom that I am very rascally and I’ll be honest and say it is true, but I think (and she tells me she does too) that the good outweighs the bad.

Today though I made her so happy. First I did a bad thing, I pulled a little tiny bowl off of a TV tray and I wouldn’t let her have it at all! She didn’t seem all that upset though. Several times she tried to love on me, but I wouldn’t let her because she might take my prize. But she seemed so happy. She said since it wouldn’t hurt me or her that she wasn’t going to worry about it.

Lately she has been trying to bond more with me more, so I decided to say, “thank you.” I came up with the bowl and when she put her hand out I just gave it to her! She was so very happy. She gave me treats and smiled and spoke in that high pitch happy voice that I like so much! Maybe it is the beginning of a new chapter for us!

Today I was a good boy!

The Power of a Smile

I just skimmed through a positivity post and I couldn’t help but notice one thing was missing. The smile. It is scientifically proven that smiling releases neuropeptides, these fight off stress! And can’t we all do with a little less stress? Next some chemicals come into play: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

Dopamine. This works in the pleasure center of our brains. It helps with both physical and mental well-being. So it helps with how we feel, and how we move, but also it helps our memory…obviously I am not smiling enough! Ha!

Endorphins. I think most of us have heard of endorphins. Mostly we think of endorphins being released when we work out really hard and then feel great afterwards, yep, that’s them. But you can get that same “runner’s high” by smiling! Okay, smiling won’t get rid of those unwanted pounds, but it will make us feel good, even great. Another benefit is it’s a mild pain reliever.

Serotonin. This works as an antidepressant. So enough said there.

So we have talked about the benefit to self, but how about benefit to others. Often times we smile at someone and they smile back. And truth is we could have just made their day. Or we may have just started them on the way to the benefits talked about previously, which, oh! could make their day!

One last benefit, well I am sure there are more, but one last for here. Smiling increases productivity at work. I can attest to this. I have had some low down jobs and when I compare my two worst it is obvious how a smile can do good. One job, before I had realized the benefits of the smile, I was miserable all the time, I did not do as good of a job as I probably could have. I was anything but a success. Now there were other things at play here, but it all could have been better if I just would have smiled as much as possible.

The other job was not a difficult job but it wasn’t the best of environments. Well, it was fast food with a moody boss. I smiled all the time at this job. I worked my way from minimum wage to a salaried management job with benefits in less than 6 months. My best tool? My smile.

Now obviously this does not qualify as a scientific study, but they are out there. This is just my personal experience showing that the science works. So when you are faced with something you don’t really want to do, smile. If you are stressed, smile. It hurts? Smile. It will do you good.

What it Means to Me to Be One of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Community, no let me change that to family. We are all over the world. We are unified in our beliefs, we support each other, we comfort and console one another, we encourage one another, we have each others backs, we would go so far as to die for one another if necessary. (Jn. 13:35, Mt. 22:37-39, Pr. 17:17, Ro. 12:10, 1 Cor. 10:24, Ac. 20:35, 1Th. 5:14, Jn. 15:13)

Belief in something bigger than myself that, if you take the time to look at, makes more sense than anything else. (Ac 17:11, 1Th. 2:13, Ja. 3:17, 1Jn. 4:1)

Purpose, I don’t come to your door to bother you. I don’t write condolences to obituaries to insert myself into your life and into your pain, I don’t write letters of encouragement to keep the post office running. I do it to put out a fire. A fire you don’t even know is burning, but it is. I do these things to give you a gift, to share a wonderful, beautiful life with you. Each person I bother, each person I annoy, I care deeply about. (Eze. 9:4, 2Pe. 2:7, 8)

I am not wrong. I was told recently that what I do is wrong. I am not. I follow in the footsteps of the only perfect man to walk the Earth and stay the course. I am not wrong. (Jn. 18:37, Jn. 8:30, Jn. 14:6)

I know how to have fun without offense. I will not hurt your ears or your eyes with obscenity. I consider others around me, I consider God even more. (Ps. 19:14, Php 4:8)

Comfort, I suffer from bipolar disorder and an anxiety disorder. Sometimes I am in a sheer panic and I have to run to one of my safe places. I also have fibromyalgia, but I always have comfort with me. Prayer number one, the Bible number two, and truly concerned friends number three. I’ve been rescued by these many times. (2Cor. 1:3, 4, Ro. 15:5, Eph 6:21, 22, 1Th 4:18)

Joy, for me this is more deep-seated than happiness. It is something way down that makes you suddenly smile for seemingly no reason. But there is a reason. The reason is the value Jehovah finds in me. It just wells up suddenly and with great power. I have worth to the one who is beyond all worth put together. (Gal 5:22, 2Cor 13:11, Ec. 5:19, Ps.64:10, Php. 4:4)

You don’t hurt my feelings. When you slam the door, or refuse to talk, say you have no time when really you do, when you hide, none of these things hurt my feelings. I wish you would talk. I care as much about what you have to say as I do about you. I want you to care about what I have to say because it might just help you get through this messed up world. (1Cor. 3:9)

Surety, I did not make my choice lightly. In fact it is impossible to do so. Some think we are a cult, but a cult is easy to get into and hard to get out of. We are the opposite. I have compared, I have studied, I have made application and have seen it at work. I am left with no question and no doubt. (Ac 17:11, 1Th. 2:13, Ja. 3:17, 1Jn. 4:1)