Business Is Booming! Sort Of.

I have been so busy. I have allowed this thing to take over and I am trying today to get more organized and spend a little less time staring at a computer screen and more time painting and some time relaxing and recharging!

As to my saying business is booming, I haven’t had a single sale. However, I have so many followers on facebook I can hardly stand it. So I count that as a success. Now to just get them from my fb page to my store!

Speaking of the store, don’t forget, “myblog” in the promo code will get you 10% off and that ends on the 9th, so only a little more time on that! Also don’t forget about the poll to choose my next designs to put up!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

What Design Should Come Next?

So I was thinking it would be great to let y’all pick the next design I put up in my store. So here is a poll to give you a chance to pick. I figure I’ll give it until a week from Friday and then I’ll put the design up that day. That is the 14th. So give the designs a look and let me know what you think!

B. Seashore
C. Desert

#DoodlewashAugust2020 August 1st, 2020 Waves

Well this one scared me half to death. Funny how the ones that scare me usually turn out better than the rest. I thought water, which meant capturing movement or hands, nothing on the human body is my forte. I went with water, I did one time accidentally catch a pretty beach so I thought, “maybe I can do it again.” I looked up a picture, which happened to be a picture of another painting and to the races I went.

Crashing Waves

I was really happy with my use of various blues and with the blending I did. And really really happy with how my beach turned out. So this was today’s painting work. Hope you like! Feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you think.

Last Day #WorldWaterColorMonth July 31st, 2020 Prompt: Do-Over

There was probably a lot I could have done with this, but I went with literal and decided to “do-over” my prompt “green.” I can’t say I am any happier with this green than my other, but hey! I’m new at this.

Green Cucumber

I don’t know what I was thinking about with the dirt, texture I guess, but that is nothing like dirt at all. But you know what they say…if at first you don’t succeed try try again. So I will keep on trying. I kind of have to now after spending my savings on opening Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop. And yes you are going to keep hearing me plug it, sorry but I need to get the savings back at least! 🙂

The Fun of Starting a Small Business Continues!

So it has been busy, busy, busy! At this point I think the only thing I have left is opening my bank account! I can’t do that though until I get some paperwork back from the state.

Photo by on

I am looking into getting a new scanner, or printer/scanner, that is a higher definition than mine. What I scan is fine for here, but if I want to spread it out over a tapestry or a blanket, or a canvas, well, not so much at all. Problem is I don’t know anything about scanners and so I need to do some research. I don’t have thousands of dollars, but there are some scanners that sound like they are high definition and not so expensive, so maybe I could save the trips to Office Depot and the money to scan.

Photo by cottonbro on

I have been so busy lately that it has been hard to keep up with my painting and my spiritual routine so today is no business Friday! Except for posting here and uploading one design later on today. We’ll see if I can keep to that. Truth be told, I am loving doing it all. It is exciting and nerve racking and fun. Kind of like a roller coaster. I have just always wanted to share my art, the good pieces anyway. It started here, but this is such a broader opportunity, I mean it could be in people’s homes! I never would have imagined that!

Photo by Pixabay on

Okay, that is all for today, until I get my do-over done. That is the prompt for today, “do-over.” Have a nice one! And don’t forget to visit me at! 10% off with the promo code “myblog”

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 30th, 2020 Prompt: Pose(y)

I really couldn’t come up with anything on this one. I could have tried to do a person posing for something…Oh man, I just thought of something! A camera! Well that isn’t what you are getting. Anyway, I just gave up and added a Y for a new prompt all my own. And I did it without drawing it up first, which I think turned out better than if I had tried to draw it.

My pose(y)

Don’t forget to visit my new store, Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop, and get 10% off with the promo code “myblog” good through the 9th of August, 2020

Grand Opening!

So it appears that my grand opening will be this Monday. Some items can be seen now by visiting Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop. I am very excited and hope you will all come and visit over the next few weeks. My hope is that I am able to put something new up in the store once every week or so after it opens. Between now and then, my goal is to put up one design a day. I have four designs up now. One of them is something I hadn’t shown here, it is an acrylic that I have always loved done around 25 years ago! Anyway, go take a sneak peek! Also as a bonus get everything for 10% off with the promo code “myblog”, this is good through August 9th, 2020. Hope you’ll drop on by!

Here is a tee-shirt with that painting I mentioned. It comes in short sleeve and tank tee-shirts as well, also some other non-apparel items too!

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 29th, 2020 Prompt: Yesterday

Hello everyone! Again a busy day. But I finally got to this, and it was a doozy. I wanted to do something like someone thinking back on the past or something like that but I didn’t like the idea of having to do a person, much less 2, one for today and one for “yesterday.” And my yesterday was at a desk behind a computer most of the day. Again, I didn’t want to do a person. I can only barely draw one and I have never painted one. So off to the internet for pictures. I finally found one of a woman behind a desk and computer and it was a computer graphic, not an actual person. I felt like I could handle that better. Not that it mattered, but as it turned out she didn’t have a face. So here you go:

Let’s get down to business boys…

I smudged a little around the hair, had way too much water. Still I might use this on a woman’s tee or a mug. I like the saying I put in, kind of 80’s, but hey, why not. Oh, no! I just looked up and my desk bled on the sides. I suppose that knocks that out. Maybe I’ll do another one.

Okay, now for all you folks that look at this I’m going to ask, please go and look at my lion I painted. I don’t know why but I haven’t gotten any likes for him and I thought he was pretty good. Now don’t like him if you don’t, but take a closer look…please.

And also for the bloggers out there, are you having any trouble with the publishing part of a post. It has changed in a few ways, but most importantly I can’t have a featured photo.

#WorldWatercolorMonth July 28th, 2020 Prompt: Complementary

Well it has been quite a day and that means I am late. I really need to get back to doing the prompts the day before and scheduling. Because I was late in posting I have only had 2 visitors and 2 views! Awful! There is just so much to do and not enough time in the day and not enough energy in the body. I know eventually I am going to pay for all the running I have been doing!

Okay, so today’s prompt. To be honest it is what I would love to have right now.

Nothing special, just a little something to eat at my cafe on my patio.

By the way, is it just me or has the publishing menu changed. I can’t even feature an image. Hating it!

Wow! Update On Starting My New Business

I think this could keep me busy FOREVER! But that is kind of the idea. So, how goes it on starting a new business? Complex. I have my site, though I am not sure of the address (HOW??). And if the address is what I think it is I don’t like it. I have ordered my EIN. I have to make an appointment today to open a business account. I have started filling my unnamed store with products. That’s tedious. I have to call today to find out if I need a business license…I hope not, I am running low on funds. What did I say about not losing anything if it doesn’t work out? Ha! But I don’t see how it really couldn’t work out, as in bankruptcy not work out. Now I might lose my savings, but that wasn’t much to start with. I’ve applied as an LLC, I think that was part of the EIN process. I am struggling with the various social media. It’s ridiculous how slow I am at figuring out how to have separate pages for me and my store. And to be honest I don’t know if I have done it right. I have a separate email for the store. I still have to figure out advertising. I have three designs up in several products. I think I said that backwards, but you get it. And I believe I have SEVERAL videos to go through on how to get through this process successfully. And I want to open by Friday at the earliest, Monday at the latest. Yeah…right.

It’ll get better, right?

Okay now for the truth. I am having the time of my life! I am busy, yes. I am confused sometimes, yes. But I am having fun. I have always wanted to find a way to create and then produce something. The creating has been going on in one form or another since high school, on and off. But I have never had any solid way of sharing and selling my work. So this is truly exciting for me. I hope when I role out my store, you will all come and look. Also if you see any of my work that you would like to see in my store let me know! I’ve picked out what I thought was best and am getting it up bit by bit. But maybe something I am not as crazy about will be something you like! Also let me know what kinds of products you would like to see, t-shirts (men’s, women’s, kid’s) hoodies, cell phone covers, tote bags, coffee mugs, beach towels, indoor pillows, posters, etc. Okay, it is after 9 and I haven’t eaten, so I better do that and then call about an appointment with the bank. I’ll post again later with my daily prompt!