Having a Bible Study Routine

Why It Is Important

Getting to know someone is a lot more than listening to someone else talk about them, or even having a discussion about them with others. And it is the same with Jehovah. Really if you want to get to know someone, to even become their friend, you have to spend some time with them.

Jehovah has made that possible by providing the Bible, a collection of books inspired by Him. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness.” So let’s talk about the word inspired for a moment. It isn’t like the movies here. Inspired here means that God either told the person what to say or He gave the person the specific thoughts and let them use their own words. But in every case it is God’s words and thoughts.

So why important? There is nothing Jehovah doesn’t know, including what is best for us. He created us and he knows what will make us happy. So getting to know him is really beneficial. But also he deserves the attention. In one way or another He is responsible for every good thing you have. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect present is from above, coming down from the Father of the celestial lights, who does not vary or change like the shifting shadows.” So it’s from Him, and he deserves to be thanked, worshiped and given the attention of a friend and father.

Where I Struggle

I am an up and down student/friend/child. I will do really well with my studies, and then I will slack off. But then I catch myself and get back to doing well again. We are after all imperfect humans. Right now I am at the struggle stage, which is a big point of me writing this, I have to jump back on the wagon again!

What Is the Routine?

Getting to know Jehovah is an everyday thing. There is just so much to know, so much we need to know we have to stay at it. And we forget so easily and don’t always pick up on stuff the first, second or twentieth time, we have to do it again and again.

  • First and foremost is reading the Bible everyday. I just read a chapter, unless I’m on Psalm 119, then I have to break it down. Or with other chapters that are shorter I might read 2. But the point is never to just read, but to try and get something out of it. Ask yourself questions: What was this about? How could I apply it to me? Who in this reading might I want to imitate? or not imitate? Why did Jehovah put this in here? What does it tell me about Jehovah? And so on.
  • I also do a daily text from our Examining the Scriptures Daily book. A short text meant to give us something to think about each day.
  • Twice a week I do personal study. Once for me alone, and once as a family. Pick a topic, research it, discuss it. A great place to find topics and good research is jw.org.
  • Then I prepare for my meetings each week, that is twice a week as well. How might I answer the questions in the Watchtower or Our Christian Life and Ministry workbook. And when I am there, try to participate.
  • Reading the magazines. We now only release magazines once every other month. Those are only 16 pages long. So, it isn’t a big task.
  • Prayer. This should happen throughout your day, everyday. Pray about everything! Give thanks, ask for what you need, ask for help, share your thoughts and feelings. Jehovah is interested! He cares!
  • Last is to spend some time each day meditating on what Jehovah has given us to think about. This isn’t a time to clear your thoughts, it is a time to focus them. Pick a topic, scripture, concern, and just think about how Jehovah feels about them. Think about how Jehovah has or will teach you about them. Focus on that topic and Jehovah.

So no small task, but really it only need take up an hour throughout your day. Maybe on study days an hour and a half. If you plan well. And I promise, truly I promise, it will better your life.

Also I would encourage you to visit our meetings. Right now in many places we are no longer meeting in large groups, but if you request a visit someone will be in contact with you and if possible will help you attend a meeting. These visits may be by telephone if the corona virus has caused a need for social distancing.

Now it is time for me to jump on my spiritual work! I hope you will take some time to do the same.

Frustrated, Disappointed: Fresh Start Part 3

So it has been 4 weeks since I started. One week was very exciting and positive, since, nothing. In fact, with the exception of my neck everything I am measuring is exactly the same. My neck is a 1/2 inch up.

I have tried to stick to my “just plain healthy” diet, but I have for the most part failed. I am getting increased my protein, my probiotics, The fitbit is on again off again. It just isn’t that comfortable when I sleep. Yes I know don’t wear it to bed, but then I forget to put it back on. I haven’t had any alcohol, no great loss there, as I don’t drink much anyway. I’ve stuck to soluble fibers. I only have one sugary thing a day, hard to give up my iced coffee from McDonald’s. Exercise has gotten harder with the heat. I’ve decreased carbs I think. Except for some oatmeal occasionally, which is supposed to be good. Fish hasn’t been a big winner, I just don’t really like it. So I guess I need to look at taking omega-3. I couldn’t do the apple cider vinegar. Intermittent fasting flew out the window. And the green tea has been rare. So what it boils down to is I am just lousy at change.

I am also finding change hard in the other thing in my life I was trying to improve, my spiritual routine. The last 2 or 3 days I have done next to nothing. I decided I am going to start over when I mess up. So today we are on day 1 again.

I just really question how capable am I at change. What do I need to do to make it more important to me? I’m just so frustrated. I feel like banging my head on a wall somewhere. Sigh…will I ever win?

The Lesson of Pharoah’s Dream; Fat and Skinny Cows

So I was looking at my memories on facebook and 4 years ago I was reading about Pharoah’s dream of the fat cows and the skinny cows. This can be found at Genesis 41. I appreciated it as much today as I did then. Here is what I got out of it.

First the interpretation of the dreams (there was a dream about grain too but it had the same interpretation). The dream meant that for seven years there would be an abundance of food, thus the fat cows. Then for the seven years after that there would be famine, the skinny cows. In the dream the skinny cows ate up the fat cows.

Next, how I took this personally and want to apply it. I have three emotional disorders, PTSD, bipolar, and an anxiety disorder. So to me the fat cows are the good times. The times everything is running smoothly. The skinny cows represent the bad times. Times when I can’t get my act together.

Now, upon interpreting the dream for Pharoah, Joseph advised him to get someone wise and discerning to save up food from the good years to prepare for the bad. (the skinny cows eating the fat cows) I find that with my mental health, as well as my physical health I can do the same thing. When you have a good day, make a note of it. Do it in a journal, facebook, just find a way to make note of it so that you can go back and see it again during the not so great (or flat out horrible) days. This will lead you to reminiscing times that were good and changing your attitude to a more pleasant one.

Some people say the Bible is outdated and not useful for today. I disagree. Right here I took a Bible story, one that would seem to not have much relevance, and applied it to my life. I found quite a bit of value in it. So secondary point of this post is don’t disregard the Bible. It is useful for today’s world and today’s society.

Visit jw.org for more information on applying the Bible in your life.