So What Is to Come??

I wish I could say business is booming, but it is slow going. I have had one sale since I opened, my aunt bought a dragonfly canvas. I don’t have any idea where she is going to put it. My uncle had commented not long ago that they were going to be wall to wall pictures, but it was wonderful that she thought of me and ordered something.

What You Will Find

So what are some of the things that are up already? To start let me tell you what the products are. Tee-shirts in different styles are a biggie. I also have sweatshirts and hoodies. Beyond what you can wear there are coffee mugs, face masks, phone covers, tote bags (one of my favorite items so far), kids clothes, doggie clothes (in tons of sizes), pillows, posters, canvases, stickers (I am trying to do die cut stickers but that is a learning experience and very tedious, so have patience. Also if you see something that says die cut but shows a rectangle, don’t buy it. Go for the less expensive regular sticker.) So anyway, lots of stuff! And it all comes in a variety of colors. What is available as far as colors varies from piece to piece because one tee might have 20 options and another might have 1. I try to look for complementary colors as well. So if you love purple and it doesn’t go with the artwork, then I am sorry. Though I will say if you really want something in purple and it is available to me, you can message me and I will put it up for you. But I don’t promise it will be appealing to the eye.

Now for the designs. Not all designs have all items. It really, again, depended on what it looked like and how it fit the item. Like I think I have one design that is on the all over sweatshirt. Most just didn’t look right. But here are the different designs that are available:

So lots to choose from and more coming all the time!

What Is Next?

I have a few pieces that I am planning on doing next, here they are:

The tiger’s eye, while really great, is going to be dependent on if I can get rid of the background. It is too small as it is, so it needs to be cut down. I also *might* have a rooster coming. Oh and another that is already up is a breast cancer awareness ribbon, but I don’t think I did anything except the mug because I was having a hard time loading it. I will go back and try to more of that up.

The last two I mentioned were requests, the ribbon and the rooster. I will take requests with the understanding that some things I do well, some things I am still trying to build skill for and it might just not turn out good enough to put it up there. But you can always ask. Also if you have any ideas that you think might sell well, hey! hit me up. Ideas are good. Though I will mention I do not celebrate holidays, so please don’t ask about me doing something that is holiday oriented. Unless, you are interested in finding out why I don’t celebrate holidays and then again, put a comment up and I will be glad to explain my reasonings.

Well that about wraps it up. Let me know what you think, and please check out my store, also the company I am using ships worldwide! So all my Indian, Norwegian, British, African, Chinese, Thai friends and others, check it out!

A Few New Samples In!

I have to apologize for posting so rarely these days. It’s in my mind to post everyday, but I just never find the time or the topics to accomplish it. The business takes up the time and it also seems to make my mind turn to mush when it comes to knowing what to write about. Sigh…

But today I do have some pictures to share. My whole idea of having models has mostly been falling through. One of those is a VERY busy person. And then another that has been kind of slow has pet issues right now and health issues with a pet you have had for over a decade are so hard to take. So I am being patient with both. But one of my models didn’t fall through, mostly because I was the one taking the picture and I was at her place anyway so she couldn’t get out of it!

Cece very happy with her “Twisted” mug.

Then my two mask samples, those models fell through for health reasons. So I have the masks, but I think I am glad about that one. If I get all the masks I can be advertising with them and any compliments I get gets a business card!

The masks are actually quite comfortable once you get used to the bands around your ears. The mask I had been using wraps around my head and is quite hot, these aren’t. And these definitely stay over the nose and mouth. It only took one wearing to get used to the bands for me. And they are washable. Though according to my dad’s cancer doctor spraying it with alcohol (assuming you can even find that!) is a good between wash measure. Just make sure your alcohol is over 60%. Who knew alcohol wasn’t all alcohol!

So that is all for me today. And here’s hoping sometime soon I can get back on task and post daily, or almost daily!

Whole Health Coaching with the V.A.

One of the things that the veterans administration has begun to add to their list of healthcare services is Whole Health coaching. Whole Health is just what it says. It looks at every part of your life and helps you to balance things so that you have a happier more balanced life that is suited to you. Think of a life coach. Now from my point of view this is a wonderful thing and I think all veterans that have access to the VA ought to take advantage of it.

Some examples of the areas of your life that they can assist with are: moving the body, surroundings, personal development, food and drink, recharge, family, friends and co-workers, spirit and soul, power of the mind.

Photo by Pixabay on

How It Works

So the first thing you do is an individual health inventory. There are several questions you answer about the above aspects of life. In these questions you assess where you are in that part of your life and where you want to be. Now the biggie is honesty and realism. The other biggie is being willing to think about these things and then the desire to work on those things.

Lately for me I have been working on Personal Development. My needs have revolved around time management. With starting the business I have really been having to learn how to make room for all the things I need or want to do. Today I realized I am on a good track with that. A far way from perfect and not done working on it. But now I think I need to look at organization. I spend a lot of time thinking, “what was I supposed to –” do, get, go.

I meet with my coach (on the phone for the time being) once every 2 weeks. I could see him more or less based on my need and how much time I want to spend on that session’s goal. We talk about what I accomplished on my goal since we last spoke and then work towards tweaking that goal or starting a new one.

I find it very helpful and would recommend it to anyone who has that, or something like it, available to them. You work at your own pace, and work on goals based on your needs. It’s fantastic. I have managed to get my business stuff a little better organized time wise as to what I need to do. Now I just have to get better at doing it. That is a matter of me being diligent and practicing what I have set out to do.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with it. It’s been very gratifying and useful to me. I hope this helps others to balance their lives some!

Latest Piece of Art!

So a friend of mine had a request. Requests make me nervous, but I like to try. They make me nervous because I might just not be able to do it. And I hate to fail. Though I am getting better at it. And I am learning to try again instead of just accepting defeat. I like trying even though it makes me nervous because maybe I will be able to do it and that ends up a great success as well as someone being happy.

Her Request

So her request was a rooster. And I thought it was a great little story behind that. Apparently, some years back, she watched her granddaughter’s place and her chickens. I am told she loves her chickens! Well while my friend was in charge one of the roosters died. Granddaughter was very upset. So she is asking for a rooster t-shirt to give to her.

Now I tried a rooster and two things went wrong. One I was using a new medium, some nice markers I had gotten. And two I was trying to improve on my photo. It was the worst looking rooster I have ever seen! I won’t even show it, it was that bad. But like I said I have gotten to where I will try more than once, so back to the drawing board.

Second Try

So I found another picture, one with more colors in it so I could stick closer to the picture and still get the colors she wanted. Then I switched to a medium I have worked in, soft pastels. What a difference those two things made!

So this is what I finally came up with! I am really pleased with him. Is he so detailed so as to look real? No, but still, he is one proud cock-a-doodle-do! Now, if you are interested in getting something with this design check out my store!

Mug Giveaway!!!

While I have certainly had activity here and on Facebook and Instagram, I am not getting y’all to my store! So it is definitely time to show off some of my products with a giveaway!

So here is the deal, you comment here on your favorite mug design at my store and you will be entered to win one of five mugs! You can also enter at my facebook page and my twitter site, @kendall_shop, and my instagram, kendallstewartsartshop, if you feel more comfortable at one of these places. Here is an example of one of my mugs:

Now each mug has its own design and may come in different colors, so don’t forget to put that on your entry as well. I’ll contact you on the 19th of August 2020 to let you know you have won. And I will contact you, obviously, via the platform you voted in. And there will be absolutely no charges! I will pay shipping and handling as well! If anyone asks you for money on my behalf or on the behalf of my company, Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop, it is NOT me!

Back To an Old Medium

So yesterday I tested the waters with my old pastel/acrylic mix. I wasn’t all that satisfied with the results, and I didn’t do all that I used to do with the acrylic, but I want to give it another go. I’ve got some different pictures of the same model, a muskox, and I’m hoping I learned a little. We’ll see how it goes when I get a chance to breathe, that will be Thursday I hope.