Small Business: My First Sale!

I can’t believe it! Right after I posted my no sales yet post, I got one! I was so excited I was dancing (as well as I can dance) around the office singing “I got a sale, I got a sale!”

The biggest thing I need now is to manage my time. So I am starting to break it down and figure out how much time I need for each part of my day. I don’t want to be a workaholic, but I want to get things done. Right now I am missing time on a lot of things because I am stuck to the computer. Social media can suck you right in if you aren’t careful. I had two days where that was all I did! So now I have a routine I want to try and stick to and not allow myself to do all marketing and finance parts. I need production too! And I need to clean my house, care for my dog, relax some, keep up with spiritual things (that’s a must), etc.

I made a great vision board to help remind me of all the parts of my life that I need to pay attention to.

How about you? How do you manage your time?

Funny, I went to a pictures site that is free and find this great picture, just what I wanted. Turned out it was my picture! Ha!

5 thoughts on “Small Business: My First Sale!

  1. Congratulations on your first sale ! I remember how excited I was when I made my first one haha

    I have two different planners, one for my business related plans/goals/tasks and then my main one which has my daily plans and so much more. I used to be really focused on time management but lately I’m trying to shift to a different system that is more centered around my energy levels and how they fluctuate rather than proper time management.

    Social media does absorb all our attention at times, it is designed that way because they need us on the apps to make money! 😦

    But since I have started my own little business, even though I do spend way more time on social medias, trying to build connections and sharing my art/products, I find that I am a bit more mindful while doing so.

    It’s more about appreciating other people’s works and writing sincere & thoughtful comments and messages to other small businesses that I want to support.

    I’m no longer mindlessly scrolling through things which is great.

    Anyways, sorry for the long comment ! I just wanted to say congrats, haha ♥


    1. Sorry I have been so long in seeing this. I am working on a great IG course that has taken up all my time. I think what you are saying is fantastic. Having almost literally burned my eyes out staring at screens I am learning that a lot of things I have right now just don’t need the amount of attention I was giving them. So I am working at learning one program at a time and then as I learn them, giving them attention once or twice a week. First up is IG as it does seem to be the thing right now and because I found a wonderful course (look up Kat Coroy). Business is of course slow right now. The first few years are tough. But knowing that makes it easier to bare that nothing is happening and keeps me from throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation. 🙂 . Once I have a handle on that I want to work on Facebook I think. I just have to find a good course. The IG course has been a God send! I hope that you are successful in your business as well and good for you recognizing your limits and seeing that this is not necessarily the end of what you want to do, but that a new way of looking at your approach. All the best.

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