Opening Day!

Not too much to report. Things start slow, and it isn’t like a brick and mortar store where people drive by and say “hey! Let’s drop in.” I do have a facebook ad out, nothing big, just 20 bucks worth. And that seems to have helped. I had 14 people visit the store so far, but no sales. I do know that I have one in my future as my aunt said she had picked something out. I imagine that will be a payday sort of thing. But it is out there.

I was actually quite busy with other things, facebook and I were fighting this morning. Twitter and I have never been great friends. I don’t have a clue how to get anyone to follow me as I don’t have friends on twitter that I am aware of. Then I had to work on my office space, like I said somewhere today, I am very disorganized and I have to improve. Where did I say it, I thought it was just right here! My mind is going. I also signed up for a youtube account for the business and spent a good deal of time trying to create my first video. That was fun! You can find me at Kendall Stewart’s Art Shop, at least I think that is how you find me.

Tomorrow I have some personal things that have to be taken care of. But then I hope to have time to set up an instagram account for the business. I think I can handle that. And as I missed out on painting today, the first day in over a month, I hope I manage that.

Oh! I did some accounting and figured out how much my business owes me and WOW! Not as bad as it could be, but still I hadn’t realized I had spent so much.

So that has been my day, not so much in a nut shell! The important thing is I am having fun. I really, really am!

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