Hyped About My Art

Okay, not all of my work is good, in fact some of it is out and out junk! But! Some of it is not too bad, and some of it is even good. (Okay, that’s my opinion.) But I could see a few things being worth getting excited over. So here is why I am hyped. A neighbor of mine told me about TeeSpring. It is a place to sell t-shirts and mugs and other things with your art on them. They do all the work and take a cut only when it sells. So absolutely no loss to you if nothing sells. Except of course your hard work, but I’m doing that either way! So I am going to give it a whirl with some tees, mugs and totes. I’ve only created one design so far, but I have a few others in mind that I will work on through the week. Hoping to open my store in a then! Here are some of the pieces I hope to use for designs.

I hope when the time comes you’ll all come and check out what I have!

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