#WorldWatercolorMonth July 21-23, 2020

I hate when I get behind on stuff, it is so hard to catch up and even to stay caught up. But I think I have it!

So the 21st was organic for the prompt. Talk about struggling with that. I didn’t want to do food, I’ve already done food for a couple and I know I have one more in my future. So I went with the idea of untouched by humans.

My Swamp. I wouldn’t want to hang out here, crocodiles and mosquitoes, but I like looking at it.

The 22nd was valuable and what could be more valuable than a good friend? Okay, a relationship with Jehovah much better, but it comes in the top 5 for sure.

I wasn’t very pleased with my bears, but it works for the prompt. I almost think I should have tried human forms without faces to do it, I can draw a form sometimes, so filling it in wouldn’t have been hard. Oh well, another time.

The 23rd was alone. I had come across a photo I wanted to draw so I used it to paint instead.

Not too bad. Would have liked a better sky, but otherwise isn’t horrible.

So that catches me up to today, hopefully I can stay up to date from here.

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