#WorldWatercolorMonth July 16, 2020, Prompt: Machine

I went through so many ideas for this one. I mean our lives are full of machines. I didn’t want to go super simple (washing machine or dishwasher) But I didn’t want to go too difficult either (commercial loom), although all of these went through my mind. I am trying to stretch a little more. I did end up going simpler than I wanted as far as drawing/painting but what I wanted I couldn’t find an actual picture of: a 2 or 3 pulley system. I found simplified drawings, something you might see in a high school textbook. So I gave up and just did one pulley. People might not at first think of this as a machine, but it was one of the first created, after the wheel and the lever and maybe the screw (did you ever think of a screw as a machine??? Me neither!) I did do my sky a little differently, and I really like the way it turned out. So here it is:

A simple yet useful machine

3 thoughts on “#WorldWatercolorMonth July 16, 2020, Prompt: Machine

  1. Very good! One of the benefits of doing challenges like this, I’ve found, is that we not only improve our drawing and painting, but we learn so many new things along the way. For Inktober last year, I did “trees” every day, and I was astonished by all I discovered. I love your pulley, and yes, it is a machine, most definitely!


    1. Sorry so late replying…if I am late. My computer monitor went out and I had to wait for a new one and then fight tooth and nail to get it to work. Never did get the sound right, had to plug in an old speaker that doesn’t fit the monitor so it just sits on the desk. Whatever. Thanks for the compliments, I had fun with this and the wrecking ball.

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      1. Computers can be so frustrating at times! I recently had to replace the printer here in my office, and that was a nuisance! I’d hate for my monitor to go out. 😦 I hope you get everything working just the way you want it. I’m really impressed with your watercolors. I’m not even going to try to catch up with World Watercolor Month. I’m just going to do a few prompts as time allows. They’re all part of a series. It’s called “Faces of Summer”. The faces are children representing different prompts. At the end of the month I’ll gather up what I’ve done and show them all in a post.

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