5 thoughts on “#WorldWatercolorMonth July 15, 2020 Prompt: Forgotten

  1. Interesting concept for the prompt! I really like your watercolors. You’re so much better at drawing and painting than I am. All I can do is splash a bit of color on a page and hope it looks all right! Needless to say, I’m far behind on World Watercolor Month, so I haven’t gotten to the “forgotten” prompt yet. I’m hoping to work a bit on my watercolors today. Maybe I’ll get caught up before month-end. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. To be honest I have been very surprised at my watercolors. I think the marker/brushes have been a huge help. You’ll get there on the prompts. I look forward to seeing them though. I am always on the lookout 🙂

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      1. Finding what works is really important in art. It’s good to try different things now and then, but when we find something we really like, it’s smart to stay with it. 🙂


      2. Yes I have definitely found my niche, watercolor and soft pastel/acrylic. The drawing I have to thank actually taking a course. I haven’t finished it yet, kind of put it on hold, but what I have learned has helped a lot.

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