#WorldWatercolorMonth July 13, 2020 Prompt: Twisted

Today has been a busy day, and in the 90s, and mask filled. But I did finally manage to settle down and do my watercolor. My friend came up with the subject, a pretzel, and google came up with the picture I worked from, but I did the work and it is my best yet I think. It’s the first time that when my friend says, “It’s so realistic”, as she always does, I will agree with her! However, as with previous scans, it just doesn’t do it justice. I need to learn how to adjust my scanner or something. Now on here it looks better. I’ll take it! Anyway, here she is!

Twisted Pretzel #WorldWatercolorMonth 7/13/2020

5 thoughts on “#WorldWatercolorMonth July 13, 2020 Prompt: Twisted

    1. Hi! I am not exactly sure what this comment is. It appears to just be part of my web address. Is it you sharing? If so thank you very much! I am new to all of this and so I’m a little boggled. If it is just pasting my web address into the comments section then I would rather you just like it. Either way, thanks for looking at my sight! I appreciate anyone that drops by! Have a great day.


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