Summertime & I Don’t Mix

The Heat

Heat is my enemy. The sun touches my face and it stings. The temperature surrounds me and my body aches, my muscles turn to stone. It is kind of like what people with arthritis feel in the winter just backwards. The last 3 years have been good years. I have been completely amazed at how well things have gone. This year, not so much. All I have to do is open a door and whoosh! I am in pain and weak. Really annoying because I’ve made such a nice place to paint for myself on the patio.


I have been sweating this year like a … well like something that sweats a lot. A horse? Do they sweat, I think so. Especially with the mask, oh my, my face is dripping whenever I go out. I have been so sick. I can’t drink enough without drinking too much. Yes, you read that right. If I don’t drink enough the dehydration is worse, but I can in fact drink too much, in which case I am on the verge of or actually vomiting.

What I Can and Cannot Do

So if I get quiet please understand. I don’t feel good. I will keep posting my art as I can do it. And I will try to stick to my schedule, but there are days I might miss. I will be back full force on days I can. I’ll miss you all.

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