Week #1 On Keto: How Goes It?

Well I have been on keto a week…sort of. My carbs are certainly lower than the average American, but I am not where I am supposed to be. My problem is I am in love with my iced coffees from McDonald’s. It is my start my day off right thing. I can’t drink black coffee, or any kind of coffee that doesn’t have flavor and cream. I was thinking, depending on carbs of course, that one way to start weaning myself off of coffee is to get a single serve machine and use my flavored creamer which is less carbs than my iced coffee at McD’s…I think. Other than that, I have done well!

Today was measure day, and while my weight had been 3 pounds down earlier this week, now it is only 1 pound down but that is still DOWN! My measurements were a little wacky. I find measuring very difficult. I have a picture that came with my nutrition journal, but I still think I missed a few measuring tape placements. Here is how it turned out though:

  • Neck is down 1/2 an inch. Not too likely to mess that one up.
  • Chest is up 3/4 an inch. Not good, but probably had more to do with placement on this one.
  • Bicep down 1 inch…I don’t think so.
  • Waist up 3/4 of an inch. boo!
  • Hips down 1/2 an inch…hoping that is right!
  • Thigh down 1/4 inch, I buy that one
  • Calf down 1/2 inch, maybe
  • Body fat down 0.2%, not much, but I will take it.

So overall for a first week I am happy. My weight, body fat and some measurements are down. I have done well eating vegetables and meat. I have done well avoiding carbs except for my addiction to iced coffees. At least it is McD’s and not Starbucks! Tomorrow I think I will start having mediums and not larges, and looking into how many carbs are in my creamer. There has to be a way to inch my way down. I cannot go cold turkey!

Photo by Harry Dona on Pexels.com

Oh and I haven’t had any carb cravings like pasta or rice or, in my case, potatoes. I have been very satisfied with what I have been eating. Breakfasts are a little difficult, that is where I am normally carb heavy, oatmeal, cereal, english muffin, bagel, etc. I don’t miss them, but I am struggling to replace them with something I like. This morning I had strawberries and pecans. I had some cheese on my plate but I didn’t like it.

I guess that about covers it. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

11 thoughts on “Week #1 On Keto: How Goes It?

  1. On the coffee… get yourself a bit of MCT Oil Powder. It’s almost like a creamer! My husband also uses a sugar-free “French Vanilla” coffee from International Coffee as a creamer. Have you tried some of the “flavored” coffees? The Cinnamon Dolce is delicious, as is the Triple Chocolate from Great Value. Have you figured what your approximate carb-count should be each day? There are keto sites that compute “macros” — how much fat, how much protein, how much carbohydrate we need each day. We’re not real strict… we just make sure our carbs are low enough for my husband to stay “in ketosis” — that’s the sign that his body is burning fat for energy. I think if you try one of the flavored coffees with a bit of MCT Oil Powder (I’ve never had iced coffee, so I’m not sure how to advise you there — do you just add ice?) anyway… I think you’ll find something you can enjoy just as much as McDonald’s!


    1. I like the international coffee creamers. I haven’t tried flavored coffees, I’ll have to look into that. Still looking for a good site to figure out what I need daily. And I was excited to find out that my glucose meter will check ketones so I just need the strips! Iced coffee is, when I make it, coffee, flavored creamer, used to be milk, but now is cream over ice. Stir well and YUM! And oh yes my southern butter pecan is delish.

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      1. We used to always get Chinese food after my husband’s appointments with the retinologist. When we started doing keto, he still wanted to stop and get his favorite… the second time we did that, he stopped eating, looked at me, and said, “You knew, their food just isn’t as good as it used to be.” Nothing changed about their food. It was just a change within us. We found we really didn’t care much for those foods we used to love. 🙂 Here’s a site that might help you figure out those “macros”, at least as a starting point. https://www.trifectanutrition.com/blog/keto-macros-calculating-and-tracking-success-guide#:~:text=The%20typical%20macro%20ratio%20for,of%20calories%20coming%20from%20fat


      2. Ohh! I just found zero carb caramel pecan coffe syrup, that and cream will do the job! Just saw my carbs are 19! Will have to do this to have coffee once a day…shoot with this I can have 2, maybe. Thanks for the link…sort of. Glad to have it, good to know it, sad for what it is. 😀

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      3. It takes a little getting used to, but as you find things you love and start getting into a bit of a routine, it really isn’t too hard to stay with it, especially when the food tastes delicious and your body feels good. 🙂


      4. And we’ve learned that it’s all right to occasionally have a day with a few more carbs. As long as you’re still in ketosis, it doesn’t hurt.

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  2. Another thing… it’s fairly easy to find nutrition info for fast foods. I always like to check carb counts before we go out, that way I know what’s good to order, and I can sort of plan around things. If I know I’m going to have a few carbs for dinner, I’ll make sure I stay carb free at breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee) and lunch (deli meats, low-carb sausages, cheeses). Then it’s fine if I have 15-20 carbs for dinner. After being on keto for a while, though, both my husband and I found that we can’t eat a lot. A little low-carb food is actually very filling, and we’re no longer stuffing ourselves because we’re craving sugar. 🙂 We eat small portions and we’re satisfied.

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    1. I’m already feeling better about my hunger situation…as there really isn’t one! I’ve done that with checking the carbs. And like I am really in the mood for a hamburger I just get it without the bun and it goes way down! I’ve also found that if I make my own iced coffee it is delicious and about half the carbs!!! Funny how cream has less carbs than milk, I thought I would do half cream half milk, my carbs went up by 8!!! I’m really kind of enjoying it. I appreciate so much you bringing it up with me. I do miss ice cream from baskin robbins. Somehow I think all that sugar is going to mean no go for me 😦 But otherwise I’m as happy as a clam in high water!


      1. We have so many sweet desserts it’s not even funny LOL. Cheesecake, chocolate donuts, spice cake, mousse in all flavors, and even ice cream. The secret is erythritol. I buy powdered erythritol and use it for everything. It doesn’t count as carbs because the body doesn’t absorb it, so it has no effect on blood sugar. And it’s not yucky-tasting like “artificial sweeteners” are. Are you on Facebook? I share a lot of our low-carb recipes there.
        For 4th of July we made vanilla ice cream (and ate it with a few berries) and it was so good! It’s very easy to make, and you don’t even have to have an ice cream maker. Again, the secret is the erythritol. 🙂 So it you like dessert, you’ll love keto LOL. Here is the link to the ice cream recipe we use. The ingredients call for “allulose”, but I used erythritol instead. They’re basically interchangeable. Next time I want to try a recipe that uses coconut milk. https://www.wholesomeyum.com/recipes/sugar-free-low-carb-ice-cream-no-churn-4-ingredients/

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      2. I saved the recipe for ice cream, but I have to admit when it comes to ice cream I want funky flavors and somebody else dipping! But that is okay, I’ll just not have it. Or have it very rarely. Not a big loss.

        I don’t cook as often as I used to, I have problems with fibromyalgia and standing bothers legs and hip and holding my arms out for anything is a shoulder killer. Even now, typing, my shoulders hurt and they are resting on the desk. But oh well. I’m much happier than I thought I would be.

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      3. LOL to the funky flavors! We like to try different things, too, and that’s another thing I like about the keto recipes we use — they can be varied so easily with different flavors. It’s amazing to discover how many things can be re-made in low–carb versions. 🙂


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