A Child of the World

I have been fortunate as a young person to travel a lot. And I say travel, but really it is move around. I have lived in Miami to Juneau to Rota, Spain. I’ve flown over glaciers, seen the northern lights, swum in two oceans, stood on three continents. Now there are others who have done more, but comparatively I have done more than most.


Just having had so many different environments to see is a benefit. I zip-lined before it was cool. I’ve ridden the rails from Seattle to San Diego to Atlanta. I am comfortable wherever I am at. I can adjust to different personality traits that are regional, so I am not quick to judge. I have beautiful memories.


The only real downside that I can think of is kind of a biggie. I’m really not good at forming long-lasting relationships. I am getting much better, I’ve been in the same place for 19 years now…an eternity…and I do have friends that I’ve known and loved for over 10 years. But friends that I had as a kid are gone now, I’ll look for them occasionally through the wonder of the internet, and even find them, but there is no connect for me. Grade school friends, high school friends, Navy friends, all just gone.

My dad and I talked about it recently and he said it was something he regretted for me. He has all these friends from way back. I have great memories of places, but not so much when it comes to friendships.

But that was then and this is now. Now I do have friends, friends that I will have for a lifetime. It just took a really long time to meet them and to learn to keep them. I wouldn’t change my life. Of course I don’t know what it would have been like any other way. And I am glad that I have known the people I have known, even though I lost track of them. I am also glad to be as adaptable as I am when it comes to moves and people, it makes many things easier to bear. So I guess all in all I wouldn’t change things.

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