Keto Diet: I’m Going To Give It a Try

My Introduction

So one of my subscribers, artistcoveries, mentioned her family’s successes with the keto diet. When I had first heard of the keto diet some years back, I was a bit leery of it. I come from the school that says carbs are our energy, so taking away energy would be counter-intuitive. But I went back and looked at it some more and read an article from Harvard (that didn’t really endorse it, but didn’t nay say it either) and decided it might be worth a try.

There are some things I am going to have trouble with. For example, I eat processed foods, as in fast food. It isn’t that easy for me to cook for myself, but with the success they have had and how miserable I am at this weight I thought it would still be worth the attempt.

When I Start/Started

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As soon as I had done the research last week, I started planning for it. What do I need to buy? What can I eat that I like? I started a little bit over the week. I wasn’t going to waste the food I had, so it is just a start, though I did give some stuff away. This week I plan on really taking it on though.

What I Think This Looks Like For Me

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I think breakfast looks like nuts, seeds, eggs. Also I am considering fruit, the good fruits, like berries and melons. I’m going to miss my oatmeal from McDonald’s, and oh, woe is me! bye-bye iced coffees.

Lunch I think is going to be non-starchy vegetables with a dip or dressing. Then maybe some deli meat (the kind from the deli counter.) I like turkey, ham sometimes, and rare roast beef. London broil isn’t bad either. Oh and maybe some cheese. Apparently all cheese is good, and that is a great thing to me.

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Dinner is either leftovers for whatever I made in a big batch, goulash, meatballs and sauce, crockpot stuff. Or, I can have a steak, pork chop, chicken. Fish isn’t really in the picture much because I don’t really like it. I do like shellfish, I love some shrimp and scallops and they are both free of carbs! Of course more vegetables, cooked this time I think.

See I am looking at this and it looks good! In fact my mouth is watering as I type! Well I’ll give you a progress update soon.

One final note, I have been at it half hearted as I say good-bye to some dear old friends, and I have already lost 2 pounds! So here is hoping. I need a win in this area of my life.

3 thoughts on “Keto Diet: I’m Going To Give It a Try

  1. Please let me know if there are any particular “low carb” recipes you’d like. We make delicious desserts, plus I can share links for lots of wonderful low carb foods you can buy. Recently we had low-carb “Big Macs” with zero-carb hamburger buns — and they were so tasty! We also made low-carb ice cream for the 4th of July. There’s really very little you have to give up when eating keto. It’s just a matter of having the right ingredients. Today we’re have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches — with our zero carb bread. I’ll serve it with a nice green salad, lots of healthy low-carb veggies. We’ll either do without dressing on the salad, or we’ll add a small amount of avocado mayonnaise. Either way, it will be good. I’m here to answer any questions you have!

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      1. We buy almost all of our low-carb products through Amazon. Very convenient. They have the zero-carb bread and buns.

        It’s expensive, yes, but on the other hand, my husband is no longer spending $100.00 a month on insulin, so I don’t mind the cost. We buy it and immediately freeze it (it doesn’t stay fresh very long). Then we take it out when we want it, microwave it for 15-20 seconds, or put it in the toaster. It’s great.


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