Nahum: The Importance of a Leash

My Thoughts

I don’t like being attached to the thing mommy calls a leash. I want to run and play. Mommy says I wouldn’t come back. I would though, sometime! And I have to admit I would have liked if we had had a better leash when I got attacked. So I see that it has some merit, but still I want to run free!

What Mommy Says

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Mommy says a lot about leashes, a LOT! She says it is the law. I don’t know what that means but she says it matters. She says that it is safer, it keeps me from running into traffic or up to a strange dog or a cat. She says she learned her lesson about that extendable leash, she couldn’t get to me because of it when I was attacked. She says it keeps me from hurting or scaring someone. I don’t know why anyone would be scared of me, but I guess it is true about the little boy across the street. I don’t want to scare him I just want to say hello, very loudly.

Mommy also says that it doesn’t matter how nice a dog is, or how obedient there is always a trigger that could make them attack someone. She says, “Even you have teeth.” And I do too!

Wrap It Up Tight

Okay, not for real, mommy never pulls too tight. But I guess when I think of the attack and how if he had been on a leash, and the other two dogs too, it never would have happened. And I could use my teeth if I thought I was going to get hurt. I guess that means it is a good idea. Still, I want to run and play. I guess I have to keep that up inside. And since I am only 10 pounds it is easy to do there. I hope everyone has a good day, and keeps their babies on leashes!

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