How Things Are Going On My Nutrition Adventure…Diet.

How I Am Progressing

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So things have gone nicely with the numbers area. I’ve lost about 2 1/2 pounds. And I have lost about 3 inches. Though I am a little iffy on some of that. It is slow going, everyone says that is the way to go, but if it is too slow I start to slide back up again. I am getting a little better about not weighing everyday. I personally think with a digital scale it isn’t such a big deal to weigh daily, as long as you do it at the same time everyday. But it does keep me from seeing a great day just before weigh in and then a bad day the day of.

I currently weigh 195 on a tiny 5 foot frame. My goal is 110. Now don’t freak out that is 10 pounds heavier than my best and healthiest weight over the years. I will settle for 120, just because I have gotten a little top heavy recently.

My stomach is currently my worst nightmare. I started at 45 1/4 inches and I remain there. It is one of those bloated bellies at that, just horrifies me. It’s funny, not really, that I have had this bloated belly for years and only just really had it register in my brain in the last few months.

My thigh(s) are down by 1 1/2 inches. That isn’t surprising since most of my exercise is walking. It is slow walking but still a walk. So they really get the most of it all.

What’s Working

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I think I am doing better about getting protein at at least 2 meals a day. I struggle for a protein at breakfast. Which I shouldn’t. I have loads of protein shakes from Nutrisystem, and there are always hard boiled eggs I could get that for the mornings. I don’t really like yolks, but I can cut those out.

Where I Need Work

I started out with a list of 20 things to try to get rid of a stomach. These were sensible things not outlandish, spend 100s of dollars on things. I have only managed 1, the proteins. So I need to figure out that. I started with just do it! and failed. Then I said 1 thing at a time and failed. I just can’t seem to get motivated. There are certainly enough reasons to want to get thinner. I’m diabetic is a big one. But it would also go better on my fibromyalgia and increase energy and keep me from facing other problems, but I still just don’t seem to able to get my act together.

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I have my skinny pictures up around the house, but I don’t even notice them anymore. Anybody have any possible motivational ideas? How do I make myself want this as much as I need it? I would love to hear them. I have a long way to go and I have gotten to that age where it is supposedly more difficult. Exercise is limited due to the fibromyalgia. I have the walking at a relatively slow pace. I also have an exercise regime that was designed by a physical therapy doctor and a trainer. I tried the first one and it was great, and then I lost interest. It comes right back to motivation, I just don’t have it! So PLEASE friends, HELP!

7 thoughts on “How Things Are Going On My Nutrition Adventure…Diet.

  1. What sort of diet plan are you following? My husband has lost about 40 pounds since we switched to a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diet… essentially “keto” although we’re not as picky as some keto followers. My oldest daughter lost 80 pounds on keto, and my grand-daughter’s husband lost over 100 pounds on keto. It definitely works, and I love the food we’re eating. It’s very filling so we eat less. Bonus, my husband — a type 2 diabetic — no longer needs to take insulin or any medication for diabetes, and his blood sugar stays around 100-110. Needless to say, we’re huge advocates for the low-carb lifestyle.

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    1. Hi Judith! Right now I have only managed to increase my protein, which for me is a big deal. I never got enough. Basically what I want to do is continue with protein, increase vegetables (so hard to do when cooking is an obstacle and you don’t like frozen veggies. I can eat canned string beans, and some regular beans, though I don’t know if that counts as a veggie or not. Afraid when eating out I am a carb fan, wish I wasn’t. I will look into the keto. I know it was either keto or paleo I was turned off by. So I will have to investigate. Again, thanks for your interest!

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      1. There are a lot of really good low-carb foods available now since “keto” has become so popular. My husband and I both loved high-carb foods, but now that we’ve switched, we don’t miss all those carbs at all. In fact, if we do eat high-carb foods, they just don’t taste as good, and our bodies can really tell the difference. Just increasing protein is a good step. We eat a lot of eggs, lots of bacon, sausages, and cheeses. Peanut butter and other nut butters are good, too.

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      2. That sounds fantastic, particularly cheese!!! I looked at the difference between keto and paleo to figure out what it was I wasn’t quite sure about. And it was the keto. Carbs are your energy so that worries me. However, I plan to try it! Your family has had so much success and there are some really good things on the diet, and it won’t kill me. It will work or it won’t. So thanks for your comment again!

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      3. The surprising thing is that you have more energy not less once your body adjusts to keto. It draws its energy from burning fat, not from burning carbohydrates. Eating carbs is also what causes cravings for more carbs. On keto, we don’t get hungry or have food cravings at all… unless we’re really hungry LOL. What I mean is that my husband is no longer snacking all evening or going back for second helpings. Our meals satisfy us, and that’s a really good feeling.

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