How I Made My Mom Happy!

Nahum’s Notes

Hey! It’s Nahum again. You’ve heard from my mom that I am very rascally and I’ll be honest and say it is true, but I think (and she tells me she does too) that the good outweighs the bad.

Today though I made her so happy. First I did a bad thing, I pulled a little tiny bowl off of a TV tray and I wouldn’t let her have it at all! She didn’t seem all that upset though. Several times she tried to love on me, but I wouldn’t let her because she might take my prize. But she seemed so happy. She said since it wouldn’t hurt me or her that she wasn’t going to worry about it.

Lately she has been trying to bond more with me more, so I decided to say, “thank you.” I came up with the bowl and when she put her hand out I just gave it to her! She was so very happy. She gave me treats and smiled and spoke in that high pitch happy voice that I like so much! Maybe it is the beginning of a new chapter for us!

Today I was a good boy!

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