Your employee is your customer

I have a keen sense of customer service and what it should be. And my experience has made me believe that how an employee is treated is how they are going to treat the customer. This post brings attention to that.

reverseServe the customer.  Every business has that goal.  To serve the people who purchase our product or service.

But, your first customer is not the actual customer, it is your employee…your team member.

You might think, “wait a minute, I pay them to serve me and my organization!”  And you are right. They are there to serve the greater good of the organization.

However, many employers have an obligation mind-set: the people that work for them have an obligation to serve them because they are receiving income.  They are obligated. Consequently, many employees also have an obligation mind-set: they are obligated to do work for their employer because they receive a paycheck.  They do something because they have to. They do things reluctantly, passively, and with little passion.

Obligation breeds obligation.

Servant Leaders see employees differently.  Many years ago, Max DePree, former CEO of Herman Miller (Twitter: @HermanMiller, said…

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