My First Ever Watercolor


Sparrows by K. Stewart

With the exception of the little watercolor activities in children’s coloring books, you know the ones they have color dots that you brush water over to get the color in that area, I have never finished a watercolor and I have only tried once or twice. So this was a surprise to be sure!

I wanted to do my Sparrows sketch, but that was on computer paper so it would never have taken the water. And truth be told, I didn’t want to do it because I might have messed up the sketch! So I snuck out of quarantine and hit up Hobby Lobby for some supplies. I wore my mask and kept my 6 feet distance. So I will try not to feel bad about it, even though I really do feel they opened too soon. News is reporting an uptick in numbers too so I had no business.

Anyway, next there is a conure I want to do, small parrot. Ah, a whole new world of art just opened up to me. I am just grinnin’ ear to ear!

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