Hitting Low B On My Ocarina

I have mentioned before that one of the things I am doing to kill time is learn the ocarina. I did really well learning from middle C to high C, I even manage a high D on occasion. But lower than middle C…Ha! It taunts me, teases me, drives me to my breaking point…those dastardly notes!! (Okay, I’m better now)

For the higher notes it’s about holding it without covering the holes and blowing harder. I am generally very breathy, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the notes below middle C, I see no light. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. But it feels it on most attempts. In fact, today were my first few successful tries! Yea me!!

The problem is that it is awkward and rare. You have to cover two holes with one finger. And said finger has to point in a slightly different direction than your other fingers. Another problem, at least this afternoon, is now I can’t seem to get middle C! And another problem is in my song I go from D to low B. It is all very confusing to my tiny, little brain and my fat, short, nubby fingers! But it was exciting to hit it the few times I did. And when I managed middle C going back and forth wasn’t too bad. I just have to figure out why I am missing it all of a sudden.

When I was very young I was in band, I played the cornet (think small trumpet). It had 3 buttons and you pressed them in different combinations to get different notes. You also blew into the mouthpiece differently to get higher and lower notes. I miss the simplicity. Three buttons, that was it. Well, I love the sound of my ocarina most of the time and I love music so I won’t give up. Those dastardly, devilish, difficult holes will eventually have to do as I am trying to tell them. I will win this battle! (So maybe I wasn’t better after all!)

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