The Work Ethic

I was looking at some articles on to try and get a handle on what I would like to write about and I found this one: Hard Work – Is It Outdated? Oh boy do I ask myself that question when I hit a shop or a restaurant! Another question I ask is, “what will it take for you to do something, anything, to serve your customers?” (or whoever it is you serve in your job?)

I am no longer a part of the workforce, but still I can see as I go to doctor’s offices, stores, apartment management offices (not the current one, they are great!), veterinary offices, gyms, banks, etc., that hard work is not the priority.

And here is what is even worse to me, if someone in the world does work hard, their peers don’t like it. Management does, but not your co-workers. At least that was often my experience. You are making them look bad. You are kissing managements hind end. That isn’t what you are trying to do, you just want to do a good job.

But for those out there doing their best, working their hearts out I commend you! Truly! And I imagine many people realize, if they are hard workers, that a job well done leads to satisfaction. For me when I was working, a productive day was something I could look back on and smile about. Even now, I may not be a part of the workforce, but when I have a productive day I feel good about it, it’s satisfying. I have great memories of some of my days, the ones where something that had been overlooked got done. Or something that was a big task but no one wanted to do it, that was always a joy. No you’re not going to get paid extra for doing a great job, at least not right away. But when it comes time for pay raises and promotions you certainly will.

Anyway, it is still nice to see people take their jobs seriously. I almost always did, and when I did, it was satisfying, and it still is.

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