Done Moping Over My Weight Gain

Now that I have had time to mope, take a nap, and look at things more clearly, I am ready to readjust. In general I try to be a positive person. I have a weird sense of humor, but it is humor. I use that a lot in countering health problems. I focus a lot on my faith and I truly believe a better future awaits me per Jehovah’s purpose for me and others and the earth. However, being human and therefor imperfect, I pout and I mope sometimes. Particularly when I think things are going well and then I look back and they aren’t! So as the title says, I am done moping, for now anyways.

So first thing I think I did to get out of the mope was going over what I did and didn’t do from my original research. That showed me how I was falling short, as well as where I can improve.

The second thing I have maybe come to realize is diving in head first wasn’t as great an idea as I thought. In fact, thinking about it right now it is a great way to fail. Makes me think of a story from my much younger days, about 5 in fact. I had been afraid of the water for a few years due to an incident where I swam a great distance very well, but scared my mom half to death, thus scaring me half to death. So mom, who didn’t want me to be afraid of water took me to a swimming class a few years later. She talked to them about my fear and was promised they would take it slow and easy. Day one, they wanted me to jump off the diving board into the deep end. Not slow and easy as far as my mom was concerned. I refused by just turning around walking off the diving board and finding my way to my stuff and leaving. Mom was so proud! The point is you ease your way into swimming and maybe I ought to ease my way into all of this too.

So There are 20 tips to losing belly fat in my research. Some I just can’t do, apple cider vinegar…GROSS. But here is a list of what I think I can do:

  • Increase soluble fiber
  • No trans fat
  • Decrease or no alcohol
  • Increase protein
  • Decrease stress
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Decrease refined carbs
  • No sweet tea
  • Use my fitbit
  • Take omega-3s
  • Little or no fruit juice
  • Probiotic foods, one a day
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Green tea

Boy that was a lot to do at once! So first is determining what I have already done well: little to no fruit juice, little to no alcohol, increase protein.

Next is to choose one thing I can add to my next two weeks: omega 3s. I’ll go at this for 2 weeks. That’s the easiest, I can take a pill. And as I am already on a good schedule for taking my medications this will just slip right in. In fact that is so easy I think I will try to have a cup of green tea each day. That will be the one that I’ll have to work on remembering. So to remember I need to schedule it.

That brings me to the next thing I am trying: I ordered what looks like a really good daily calendar for me. I can schedule what I need to do for each day. It really seems to work on creating habits, which is better for me than just a calendar. I stink at calendars, well my google calendar is good for doctor’s appointments, but not for stuff I want to build as a habit. I tried, it fell by the wayside. The one I have ordered, the Creative Fox daily planner, is very creative and makes you think about how you can improve your life. At least that is how it looks to me.

So this is how I hope to “pull up my big girl pants” and move forward. Hoping it works. I’ll keep you updated!

3 thoughts on “Done Moping Over My Weight Gain

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! To be honest I hadn’t thought about it. What I drink though is store bought. And as I am a type 2 diabetic I have to be concerned with fresh fruit as well, sugar is sugar as far as my blood glucose is concerned. Assuming I have the right understanding of what my nutritionist is saying. Another barrier is fresh fruit is expensive and you have to use a lot if you want to get a glass squeezed out. I can’t even imagine how many cranberries it would take, plus the other fruit to help make it sweet enough to drink. That is the only juice I drink, so it isn’t like lemonade or orange juice that is super juicy. Again thanks for the comment and please feel free to comment more! I love to hear from people.


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