My Job!

Hi! This is Nahum. I am Kendall’s doggy and I don’t think she has done a very good job of introducing me. While yes it is true I can get into trouble sometimes, it isn’t the only thing I do! Mommy loves dogs but she loves me best. And that is the main reason I started out being here, but it turned out she needed me too! When my big brother Obadiah died the doctor said that she had to get another dog. She was just so sad and stayed in bed and didn’t want to do anything. She felt awful, or so she tells me. So I was also bought to do a job, keeping mommy happy and comforting her when she isn’t.

What does that entail? Well right off the bat I knew what it meant. If even one tear drop forms I am at her side jumping up and down to get in her lap. I just stand in her lap then and let her pet and hug me. I did this from the very beginning. Mommy says I don’t know the difference between happy tears and sad tears, which I guess is true, but I know that whatever the case I will be there for her.

It also turned out that I performed another function mommy didn’t even realize she needed. Or maybe she knew it would be nice, but never thought that I would do it. Mommy has nightmares sometimes. Sometimes they’re just bad dreams, but when it is a nightmare I wake her up! Who wants to be stuck in all that pain and fear for any longer than necessary? Not me, so I don’t let her do it either.

Another thing I try to do is get mom out and moving around. Because of something she calls fibromyalgia she can’t go for far or for long, but since she has me she has to go at least some. She’s been excited lately that she is losing weight. I always thought she was perfect, but a little more lap is nice. Don’t tell her I said that though.

Well, that about sums it up, my job, and I am very good at it. The other stuff she wrote was true too, but she left out the good stuff so I thought I would take care of it. Oh, and the dog attack thing, that was so scary, but mommy returned all I did back to me so I would be okay…that is her job. Well, that and feeding me!

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