When it comes to bugs I am not a fan. But of course there are a few that I just can’t help but like, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and fireflies. I have always loved fireflies (lightning bugs, glow worms). Well this evening I was privy to a feast of light!

Each year in a park in the Great Smoky Mountains people can go to see hundreds of them. They only let 1800 people in even though 20 some odd thousand sign up in the hopes of getting in! Well this year with covid19 no one could go, so they aired it on youtube! Oh it was beautiful. You have to start with a bunch of info on the work they do, then a talk on the fireflies but then the show begins. They show 3 named species and then have one shot of just random flies. It shouldn’t be missed if you are like me and look forward to the first flies of the year. SOOOO…I bring to you a link. I don’t know how long they will leave it up, so go soon!

Firefly show!

2 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. They are magical aren’t they! I’ll never forget one time I was on a country road in Lancaster Co. PA and saw a million of them rise up over a corn field at sunset. I stopped to watch.

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