Selfies…Not So Much

Who remembers the days when someone would aim a camera at you and you’d start waving them off, “no, no, don’t take one of me.”? I do, in high school I, and everyone I knew, hated to have a camera pointed at them. Our hair wasn’t just right, we weren’t wearing our cutest outfit, let me go put some makeup on, we might just break the camera!

Now, that isn’t to say we never had our picture taken. Those photo booths in the malls snapped memories with good friends. Of course we had our school photo, but we always criticized those. Sometimes no matter how much we waved off the camera we were stuck with them anyway.

Today though, it is so, so different. Is it vanity? I don’t know, but we can’t wait to take a picture of ourselves. I just got a little tripod for my phone so I can take pictures of myself with my dog. So no accusing here, I’m as guilty as anyone I suppose. Well maybe not that bad, but bad enough.

I just wonder what happened to change us. What made us suddenly want as many pictures of ourselves as we could get? Why do we need to document every moment of our lives? I still prefer pictures of others. I went through a stage of documenting my food. Even though I did it, I don’t get it. But mostly it’s my dog.

Anyway, that was just my wondering. If anyone knows the answer feel free to share. Much love, and smile, CLICK! Gotcha.

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