Following Through…

I don’t know if this is mental health related, i.e. it is because of my mental health. But I do know it is mental health related, i.e. it affects my state of being. I have a very difficult time following through with things, especially things that would help me if I used it. I often blame it on my inability to remember stuff, but I know if I would stick it in front of my face I wouldn’t have that problem either.

Some examples, I talked about the fat and skinny cows in Pharoah’s dream and how I could use that to feed my down days with positive thoughts. Four years later and I’m still not doing it. I talked about my anxiety and some of the things I could do to help overcome it in some situations and I came up with a list to look at, but I never put the list on paper and put it on my bulletin boards. I started an art course, but I got bored. I know some day I will get back to it, but still, what about today, it would be a great way to occupy time with a positive skill. Even better yet with an expressive skill that could help me to channel what I am feeling.

I did some life coaching for a while and each week we had a goal. I would do great for a week, but then we would move on because I was doing so well, but next I would drop the ball. How long does it take to make a habit I wonder? According to one site it takes 66 days. How they get that I don’t know. I wonder if I really tried if I could create a habit that way. I think I would drop the ball around day 10.

How do I follow through?

I think I am going to challenge myself. 66 days of sticking to my spiritual routine. That is the habit I would most like to improve on. Let’s see what happens. I’ll keep track on my facebook page and my twitter site however long I have gone so far. We’ll just have to see how it goes. And if I drop the ball? Do I start over? Do I keep going and just add a day to the end? Any suggestions?

What do I do when I drop the ball?

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