Starting Fresh: Part 2

So about a week ago I posted my new plan on losing weight and I thought you might enjoy a progress report!

Tomorrow is measuring day, but I have weighed myself today, and in 6 days I have lost 2 pounds! And that is despite rain that kept me from walking. And also not completely following the diet.

What I have not done. I have not done the soluble fiber, I have not done the whole grain carbs, no fatty fish, no apple cider vinegar. Intermittant fasting went out the window I think. I quit paying attention to that one anyway. I never made the full 45 minutes of aerobic exercise in a day and I didn’t lift weights. Sounding pretty bad!

What I have done! I started a exercise program designed by a physical therapy doctor, it is easy in that I can actually do it and it doesn’t make me break a sweat. I have increased my protein, I think that is a biggie. I have had probiotic foods, dark chocolate…YEA! I have had green tea on occasion. I avoid alcohol, trans fat, no sodas or sweet tea. And with that I have been successful.

What I need to do. I think for starters is getting more vegetables, celery and carrot sticks are good for now I think. And adding the fatty fish. How I wish that included scallops and shrimp. I want to go to an Asian grocery store and get kimchi to try, I think I might like that since it is spicy. And increase my time walking or what I call dancing, Ha!

So that is my update. Here is what I look like now, and we can start watching me shrink together…oh I hope!

I doubt this is much different from last week, but we’ll keep following it and see if we can’t get me thinner.

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