Art: Looking for Something to Do?

The Dance Lesson, Edgar Degas (Public Domain)

I had a previous post that talked about being an artist. I said anyone can do it, and I stand by that. You just have to create. Sometimes it is good sometimes not. It takes practice. But no matter how good you do or don’t get it doesn’t mean you are going to be a van Gogh or a Rembrandt. So if you aren’t looking to create but you still love art I have a site for you!

As it turns out Google has a massive online art collection, and I do mean massive! I stumbled across it when I was trying to visit some museums that have opened online and at first didn’t even realize that I was on Google. They are organized in different ways. I am looking at it artist by artist. And with over 100,000 pieces it is going to probably take a lifetime to see it all. Oh but the fun I will have trying. You can also mark pieces as your favorites so you can go back and look at them later. Kind of your own museum! Here’s the link: Google Arts & Culture In the second row you will see different ways to go through the art. I hope you all enjoy!

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