Among other things I am bipolar and I tend to shuffle around different hobbies and crafts. I will pick them up for awhile then put them down. I always go back if it doesn’t cause pain (fibromyalgia). Right now I have shuffled my way back to music!

I love music. I have very eclectic tastes and like just about anything that I don’t find offensive. My tastes go as far as classical, folk, country, pop, rock, some hard rock, and even some metal. Old jazz is good, Etta and Billie. Some R&B, particularly popular Motown. I have also played music. I studied the cornet (a small trumpet) in school. It didn’t go as far as it should have, I stopped when we moved to an area where I was bullied a lot and with that I lost interest in almost everything. I have since picked up and fiddled (ha) with the clarinet (didn’t go anywhere) and I have picked around on pianos in piano stores to help cope with what was then diagnosed as straight depression.

Music has a wonderful affect on me. It’s like I get to be a bird. I love birdsong too. So just in the last week I bought an ocarina. That can be pronounced with a long or short o, I use the long because then it sounds like okra. As a good little southern girl I love okra! Moving on. So as it turns out it is an easy little instrument to play. I bought a 10 dollar plastic one and a much more expensive book to teach me. I can now play Twinkle, Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ode to Joy, London Bridge, Long Long Ago, Kumbaya! Of course only while looking at the song book. Basically at this point I have one octave learned not counting flats or sharps.

The One I Have Now!

My ocarina is a soprano C and I really prefer lower notes, so I am eyeing an alto C that is a little more, but still really inexpensive. My one problem is my hands get really sore quickly. But I have found a great nerve cream that seems to help and I work in small bursts. The other problem is I do not have the wind of my younger self. I quit smoking 15 years ago, but it still affects me. I’ll build back up though. Anyway, I am very excited to have music back in my life. It is a mood booster for me and I like learning new stuff.

The Alto C I Want!

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