My Covid-19 Experience

Everybody seems to be sharing their take on the virus so I guess I will too. For the most part I have been very fortunate. The county I am in in North Carolina, U.S.A. hasn’t done great, but it hasn’t done terribly either. We do have a higher death rate here, but not so many cases as in some places.

I do go out once a day to McDonald’s for my iced coffee and sometimes oatmeal, and occasionally have to go to the grocery store. Other than that I have stayed home. I probably should quit my coffee habit, but I have a false sense of security in my car.

I have, while home, done some little craft projects to send to friends, managed to keep the apartment clean despite my fibromyalgia, I have started this blog, I have restarted my online art class, and have started to teach myself the ocarina. I have also started a health plan which I am failing at, but practice makes perfect.

The one thing that covid has messed up for me is visiting my parents. They are in there 70’s and really I need to be there to stay on top of stuff. But they live in a hot spot so they don’t want me to come and get sick. And honestly, I feel the same but wish things would hurry up and level out so I take care of business. There are a few things I need to tend to, not desperate, but to keep things running smoothly and keep people happy.

Overall my emotions have been fine. Nothing stopped spiritually, we just switched to Zoom! meetings and the elders check on us regularly. Of course, I have continued with my Bible reading and study. This has keeps me pretty level.

Physically I am kind of so-so. The eating is still horrible, but I am walking the dog and I have started an exercise program that was designed by a physical therapy doctor. Nahum (my dog) is getting longer walks, an hour long, thanks to a neighbor and her dog. He has been much better behaved since he started to do that.

The couple of doctor’s appointments that I have had have been on the phone. And while they have been fast paced they have been good.

I have tried working on some of the things I am horrible at like not procrastinating. That started today and so far has gone well. I have actually stuck to my schedule or at least have ended up with things done before or as they were to be done. I have a few little projects I want to accomplish in regards to this.

So my experience is probably better than most. I saw a meme earlier today about how I want to look back on this experience, no it was a blog post, but I hope that I can say that I worked on me, but also thought lots about others, and I hope I can say I was patient. I’m in a better situation than most, so I should be able to say that!

Please feel free to share you’re experiences below!

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