Starting Fresh

So I have never been a healthy eater. That is even despite liking vegetables. Most things I like are not fatty. I do love my wrong grains. Most of the problem lately, lately being the last 15 years, is I have fibromyalgia pretty badly and generally I have a choice, cook and dirty up the kitchen or don’t cook and get the kitchen clean. Then there is the standing, I’ve tried sitting in the kitchen but I end up getting up and down so much to watch things it defeats the purpose. Exercise is very difficult for any decent amount of time and intensity is nil. So wah, wah, wah, and boo, hoo, hoo!

About 2 weeks ago I saw myself from the side…Accchhhhh!!! I am round! I have the belly I swore I would never get. I can handle the hips, I can handle the fatty face, the upper arms, the thighs, but NOT the belly! (And steer clear of my calves too.)

That all being said today I made a decision. I am going on a diet. Sort of. I did some research on websites that weren’t trying to sell me anything and made out a healthy diet list. This is not the latest fad, or a magic pill, it is just determination (so not good at that), plain healthy eating, and exercise.

So as for the determination, I have decided to approach this the way I quit smoking. I was studying the Bible at the time and I knew that Jehovah wanted me to quit. God does not want us doing things to our bodies that would hurt them. But I was so stuck. After trying several different things that did not work I went on the patch. Now keep in mind that is not ending an addiction it is changing the delivery system. But it did allow me to slowly decrease my drug dosage. And I did something else that worked like a charm, even under the most trying of circumstances, I prayed! It was a simple prayer that I just kept calling back to mind when I wanted a smoke, “Jehovah, please help me overcome my addiction.” Now repetitive prayers are really not what Jehovah wants in most instances. They become rote and lack meaning. But this prayer I meant with all my heart. And ultimately I quit and I haven’t had a cigarette in 15 years. Wow, didn’t realize it had been so long. So why not the same thing with my “diet” When I feel week I just need to pray, and to mean it. So that is my plan.

Plain healthy eating. For weight loss it seems to be increase fiber with vegetables, increase protein, eat fatty fish, eat soluble fat, probiotic foods (basically fermented foods), decrease carbs, no sugar so no sodas (that is okay with me…but my sweet tea!!!). A few things I am going to try though I don’t know if they will work are apple cider vinegar and green tea. Worth a shot if I can tolerate them.

Next is exercise. This is really a toughie for me. Too little and I get no effect, too much and I get immeasurable pain. So another plan, I am going to start with 5 minute walks 3 times a day. After a few days I am going to up it to 10 minutes. And finally to 15 minutes. They, whoever they are, say that 45 minutes a day is good for weight loss.

Lastly a few lifestyle changes. First is lower stress. Overall when left to myself I am stress free. But I certainly don’t want to isolate myself to achieve my goals. So I have to work on staying calm in social settings. Practice makes perfect, and breathing exercises help too. Tracking my food and exercise is another tip and with my fitbit I have it covered. I may have to take on some omega-3 as I don’t see me eating as much fish as is recommended. Intermittent fasting is recommended and I am going to see tomorrow if I can do it.

So all this sounds like a lot! And part of me says take it a little at a time. But I have never been good at a little at a time. I think I’ll do better if I hold my nose and jump right into the deep end. I mean I am capable of all of this i.e. I know how to swim, so what is to stop me except me?

My goal? Well, right now it is this stomach! I have to lose 9″ to be at the top end of acceptable so we’ll go for one inch at a time and aim for 9 to start. What a task I have set before myself! But Jehovah and I can do it and we will do it!

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