What Makes an Artist

Somehow I think there are people who will disagree with me, but to me being an artist is about creating. Even a beginner can be an artist. I remember a long time ago I commented to a friend that I wished I could be as creative as my grandmother. She could paint, draw, do ceramics, make candles, macrame, crochet, do needlepoint to a certain extent, and do a lot of various crafty things. My friend, who was herself quite artsy and craftsy, told me to just do it. Buy some paint, some paper, some brushes (nothing expensive, go cheap) and just try. Well as it turned out I could in fact paint!

Some of it was horrible, some of it not bad, and some was even evocative…

But whatever the case, good, bad or ugly, It was a start! And I became an artist. (In my opinion anyway!) All I had to do was start. Now, many years later, I am taking my first class. I am enjoying learning how to improve. If y’all are interested I am doing it through The Great Courses website, the class is called How to Draw. I love it. In the very first lesson you draw a wedge of cheese and it turns out to be very easy:

Not bad for day one and using a medium I was completely unfamiliar with (charcoal).

So anyway, my point was that anyone can become an artist, there isn’t anything scary to it. And if you need help, try a class. Ooh and they have places you can go, or you can do it yourself, that are called paint & sips. Very fun I imagine. Can’t wait until I get an opportunity to try one! So just dive in, you might just be surprised at what you can do!!!

If you enjoyed, please share, THANKS!

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