Isolation or Association

Or maybe both…

In this time of worrisome health bugs it seems like maybe Jehovah’s guidance to not isolate is wrong. But from my perspective it is still right on point. Proverbs 18:1 says, “Whoever isolates himself pursues his own selfish desires; He rejects all practical wisdom.” Of course today with Covid-19 running rampant we DON’T want to be running around and visiting and gathering and ignoring the advice to social distance. But thankfully we have other ways to gather together and from my point of view we need to take advantage of them.

I have an anxiety disorder and PTSD and to be honest this whole being at home and isolated has been horrible. Due to other illnesses and not feeling good for a week and a half I have done the bare minimum in socialization and I feel like the world is so far away from me. I talk to one person regularly on the phone and I make our meetings at our virtual Kingdom Hall on Zoom!. But I find that is not enough. We need to take advantage of the technology we have to stay connected.

When we reject the wisdom from above, God’s word the Bible, we will fare badly. So stay in touch with family and friends. Use all that is available to you. This goes for everyone, but especially I want to reach out to those who already suffer from mental health problems like myself. If we don’t want to go down the deep, dark rabbit hole then we need to stay connected. Nobody needs to know your issues, just call friends, text someone, chat, meet up in Zoom!, FaceTime, that’s a thing! Or, go old school and treat someone to a letter! I love getting letters and cards. There are still so many ways to social distance and hug each other at the same time. Do it for yourself and for your loved ones. This dividing virus could actually bring us together if we let it.

3 thoughts on “Isolation or Association

  1. God has provided man with brains. We should use them and as such should also be happy by those people who made it possible that we can communicate with others without having to be there with them at the same place.

    We do not know how your community has done it to have services and Bible classes. But in our denomination, we continued by offering services by social media, Hangouts, Zoom, Jitsi, Skype, Houseparty etc.. We do agree it is not the same and we miss the actual life meeting. But by those modern communication tools, preaching can continue and has continued. Perhaps for the JW this situation also has opened new doors, and they could come to discover that you too can reach new people along the internet. Their availability of material on the net is one great step in the good direction. That way people can also check all the lies which are told about your denomination and they also can more easily check what is written in the JW publications and the Bible

    We came to feel in this time of lockdown we had even more contacts with people than before. As you write: “This dividing virus could actually bring us together if we let it.”


    1. Yes we also use zoom. We haven’t missed a beat. The point of my post was that we don’t have to isolate, we just have to associate smartly. We also have not missed out on our preaching and teaching campaign. Thank you also for recognizing that there are in fact many lies told about us. Our website helps to answer questions people have about us and about the Bible. Especially about the Bible. That and Jehovah and Jesus our certainly our focus. Thanks for your comments.


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